Estate Probate and Administration:

The Law Offices of George W. Klein are qualified to represent you in connection with probating a Will of any friend or family member that may have recently deceased. Probate is done when there is a valid Will in place. In the event an individual passes away without having executed a Will before his or her death, then the method for appointing a representative for his or her Estate is done through an Estate Administration Proceeding, instead of a Probate Proceeding. Our offices will prepare the necessary Petition and Affidavit, and other accompanying documents that are required for a Probate or an Administration Proceeding in the State of New York and will obtain Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration, appointing you as the fiduciary of the estate.

The time required to complete the Probate or Administration Proceeding depends upon numerous factors, including whether the whereabouts of key family members are known. It also depends upon the size and makeup of the Estate assets.

There are situations where family members or relatives of the Decedent may object to a Probate or Administration Proceeding or may object to the admission of the Will. Our offices can represent you in connection with any such litigation proceedings related to the Administration or Probate Proceedings.

In short, we have significant experience in handling Probate and Administration matters. We regularly represent the interests of Estates, Estate Administrators, Trustees and heirs. We can also assist with the identification and collection of assets of the Estate, paying the debts and taxes of the Estate and the distribution of the assets.

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